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    Hi there,

    my name is Mirka and I'm just a girl chasing her dreams as a portrait photographer.
    Mirka Photography is located in the Raleigh North Carolina area.
    Mom to a wonderful 10 year old boy, who keeps me on my toes at all times.
    I am absolutely blessed to do what I love and to have worked with so many wonderful families over the years.
    I love to capture the special moments in your family life's, starting from your little ones arriving to this world, growing up, graduating and finally getting married.
    I like combining lifestyle and traditional photography to get a variety of special portraits that you will treasure for many years to come.
    I'd love to meet y'all !!

~ Happy 4th of July – Happy Independence Day ~

Happy 4th of July y’all!

Logan wouldn’t let me take his photos this year for the occasion, so our new pet rat Maja had to step in…

She’s still only a few weeks old baby, but her an I are slowly but surely getting better taking pictures together!


~ The Park is Closed – WHAT?! ~ Raleigh Garner Cary Holly Springs Clayton NC family child children’s photographer

My last session before I head out up North and start my 3 week cross country trip with my cousin was this super sweet family of four.

We were supposed to do their session in a local park, but when I got there the park was closed

(4th of July preparations – 3 days early – SMH)

Luckily, there is a little field near by which I discovered not too long ago and am about to loose,

because they are starting to tore it down…

*she sobs*

so we headed over there instead…

I thank you for being so sweet and putting up with the bugs that almost ate you alive! You guys were awesome!

(Note to self – keep bug spray in car, so clients don’t have to suffer and can enjoy themselves at the session instead !!!)

I am booking sessions for August 2017, packages start at just $49!

email me at mirkaphotography@yahoo.com


on my Facebook facebook.com/mirkaphotography to book your session

you can also follow me on instagram @mirkaphotography


~ Cake smash – turning 1 year old ~ Raleigh Garner Cary Holly Springs North Carolina children’s birthday family photographer photography studio

Look at the cute 1 year old cake smasher in her absolutely fabulous pink and yellow tutu and stylish pearl necklace,

that I had in my studio along with her twin sisters and super sweet moms.

She did soooo good, dove right in for the sugar with no complaints what so ever lol.

I wish I could eat cake for breakfast,

well I cant so at least I get to document someone else enjoying this tasty treat and having a blast with it!



~ WELCOME to my studio ~ Raleigh Garner Cary Holly Springs North Carolina photographer photography studio

So this is sort of embarrassing….

I have been here in Garner NC, in my house for hmmmm close to 6 years now and never took a proper photos of my studio..

For some reason I started to organize today and deep clean and it just looked so pretty and the opportunity presented itself and…

and welll….. there you have it lol….

So welcome to Mirka Photography, to my studio, the place where the magic happens,

that is unless it’s happening outside on some beautiful fun location!

So please, look around and stay awhile and enjoy the space, where I get to create and do what I love!



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